When you realize your great responsibility for your health; then you would put aside lame excuses. You don’t have to spend hours at clinics having to see a doctor, enduring a pain or worse got hospitalized to know the cost of neglecting your health. By the time you are ailing, those are just the symptoms; the fact is you lost handle in your health a long back. For some reason, there are some people who are not taking vitamin supplements to keep up with the body’s daily vitamin need; you cannot risk that. Your body needs a certain amount of vitamins daily to maintain a healthy state. Vitamins are critical components needed by the body for its normal functions. But today you don’t have to say vitamin supplement pills are expensive or they have side effects, you can get vitamins in juicing.

Rich Vitamins in Cranberry Juice

Vegetables and fruits are rich sources of vitamins. And by crushing few fruits and/ vegetables to juice them out, you can easily meet the daily measure of vitamins needed by the body. Normally several fruits would be needed, therefore juicing is preferred over actual eating of fruits. As liquid food is easily absorbed by the body, the juice produce would be absorbed quickly and with ease. Combinations of fruits and vegetables can be juiced to produce desired taste. The ‘juiced’ juice is recommended to be drunk fresh.It must be noted that when juicing fiber is left out, so you might want to balance juicing with good fiber containing meal. Juicing must not replace normal meal eating, but acts to supplement it.

Juicing Compared to Vitamin Supplement Pill

  1. Juicing is cheaper than buying vitamin supplement pills
  2. Juicing is 100% free from side effects
  3. Juicing is naturally fresh
  4. It’s hard to measure the exact amount of vitamins in juicing, it’s an approximate.
  5. There are close to no-people allergic to fruits and vegetables (and you cannot be allergic to all vegetables and all fruits), but there is a known number of people allergic to vitamin pills.

MYTH ABOUT JUICINGMyth: Juicing veges/fruits are expensive Fact: It’s more expensive to buy medication when you are sick.Myth: Juicing takes time Fact: It takes more time to wait on queue for the doctor.

Benefits of Vitamins in Juicing

Vitamins are responsible for a good vision of the eyes. Bone growth and reproduction depends on good vitamin intake to come out right. Rickets disease common in some children is due to insufficient vitamins in the body. You might be thinking the skin care products are not effective when it’s actually lack of vitamins in the body, vitamins aid skin health. Vitamins play a very vital role in food metabolism. Intensive studies show that health benefits in juicing extends to alleviating even cancer and immune disorder. It’s not just only Vitamins in juice; there are other minerals and nutrients that are present in fruit/vegetable juice. Juicing has also been reported to help in weight loss.